• Free Wave

    This board is designed to be very controllable in rough water and in small-medium to medium-large waves. It is a rounded squash tail shape and the length is optimized for kiting. (You do not need 6 foot plus boards for kite surfing).
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  • Rodeo Fish

    The rodeo wave board is designed for small to medium size waves. The tail is designed around the quad fin set-up but also works very well with tri fins. The board is very efficient in light air due to its larger tail, and with a quad fin set-up it fly’s up wind.
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  • Monkey Wave

    The Monkey wave is designed to maximize minimal wind and wave conditions. This board will handle all wind strengths and will make small mushy waves, and underpowered conditions come live.
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  • Doyle Custom Independent
  • Free Wave Testing

Doyle Smile KiteboardingAfter 10 years of designing boards and parts for Slingshot Doyle Custom has gone Independent again.  We will be making high end custom Kiteboards for all riders to enjoy.  Here at Doyle Custom we hold the highest standard in quality Kiteboarding equipment and everything we make is custom hand built here in the U.S.A.  So look out for new designs and shapes coming soon!

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doyle kiteboarding wave carveWe have been testing this board all season on the Oregon coast. It is a board designed to work well with a tri thruster fin set up but it also can have quad fin boxes put in it. I have also been working with a test crew on the west coast for it to work well with small-med to medium-large waves and any wind conditions. The board is made with a solid high density PVC core with a top quality lay-up. This makes the board almost indestructible for wave riding and jumping.

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